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Pella Christian — Where You Can Soar

Pella Christian High School educates and nurtures each student to serve in God’s world.

At Pella Christian, students rise higher, fly together and lift others through the power of Christ. Our community of students, faculty and families come together to bring transformational education and experiences to prepare the student body for being a light in the world. Find out how Pella Christian is a place where you can soar.

Students at Pella Christian rise higher through academic success, life-enriching extracurricular activities and unique experiences designed to help students find their purpose in God’s world and excel in the gifts He’s given to them.

The close student body, the supportive staff and strong network of families are called together to create a community in Christ. Together, they strive to make sure every student finds their place. Within this body, teams encourage each other to new heights, friend groups find fun and fulfillment in their day-to-day and students have a family that goes beyond just their home. 

Loving one another requires the spirit of a servant and students at Pella Christian demonstrate this through prayer and acts of service. But it isn’t just what they do, it’s how they are taught. Faculty and staff go beyond traditional education by teaching for every individual’s true transformation in faith.

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