...to educate and nurture each student to serve in God’s world

About PCHS

Pella Christian High School

300 Eagle Lane   Pella, IA 50219     www.pceagles.org       Ph 641.628.4440     Fax 641.628.3530

Dan Van Kooten, Principal       vankootend@pceagles.org

Brad Engbers , Guidance Counselor    engbersb@pceagles.org

Dan Branderhorst, Athletic Director  branderhorstd@pceagles.org


Pella Christian was established in 1939 as a private, Christian high school located in South Central Iowa. PCHS is accredited by the State of Iowa Department of Education and is governed by a board of elected constituents. The board, faculty, and staff adhere to the reformed world and life view that our world belongs to God and our lives are a testimony of thanksgiving and service to Him. Therefore we are partners with parents and local churches in educating the young people in our communities.


Mission:  Pella Christian High Schooeducates and nurtures each student to serve in Gods world.


Curriculum:  Pella Christian provides a liberal arts education including rigorous college prep courses as well as courses in industrial arts, fine arts, and family and consumer sciences.  Students have the opportunity to receive college credit for various courses through agreements with DMACC. Online college courses are available through DMACC, as well.  Limited AP courses are available.

*2017/18  enrollment for grades 9 - 12 is 288 students

*PCHS utilizes a traditional 8-period per day schedule with chapel and intramural times scheduled in each week.

*Each faculty member holds current Iowa teaching certificates.  *66% of the teaching staff hold master’s degrees.


Class of 2016 Profile                                                                                       Class of 2017 Profile

56 graduates                                                                                                     70 graduates

41 are attending 4-year schools                                                                       50 are attending 4-year schools

11 are attending 2-year schools                                                                       16 are attending 2-year schools

3 are working in the community; 1 joined the military                                        2  are working in the community

                                                                                                                           1 joined the military

                                                                                                                            1 is working in missions

 ACT Scores

Year                                      PCHS    State Av.  Nat’l Av.

2013:                                      24.1        22.1          20.9

2014:                                      25.0        22.0          21.0

2015:                                      25.2        22.2          21.0

2016:                                      23.5        22.1          20.8

2017:                                      25.5        21.9          21.0


PCHS Graduation Requirements


English:  6 credits

Mathematics:  6 credits  

Science:  6 credits  

Social Studies:  6 credits

Bible:  4 credits

Physical Education:  4 credits

Computer Applications:  1 credit

Fine Arts:  1 credit

Personal Finance: 1 credit

*1 credit is given for each 1 semester course.

*46 credits are required to graduate.


Extracurricular Activities Offered:

Chamber Choir, Pep Band, Drama, Forensics, Mock Trial, Student Publications, Student Council, Class Officer, Cheerleading, Drill Team, Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, Track, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Softball, Baseball, Clay Target Club, and International Club.