...to educate and nurture each student to serve in God’s world

Frequently Asked Questions

We're eager to partner with parents in preparing their sons and daughters to serve God in his world. Perhaps you've wondered, "What would life be like for my teen at Pella Christian High School (PCHS)?" Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. But we also want to invite you to contact us for a personal visit. There's no better way to get to know us than to meet our students, teachers, and staff members face-to-face.

What values is PCHS built on?

The school incorporates a Christian worldview in all academic courses and extracurricular activities. We believe the world belongs to God, and each of us-including our youth-needs to take our place in God's world. We want students to meet that truth in all school subjects and programs, so their faith and knowledge can grow within the arms of a caring Christian community. That school community, in turn, integrates with the values that teens are taught in their homes and churches. 

How is the school governed?

PCHS is a private, parent-controlled school. Parental input is welcome and encouraged. Every year, parents elect school board members to represent them on the PCHS School Board. An administrator and assistant principal offer day-to-day leadership in the school setting.

Is PCHS accredited?

Yes, PCHS is fully accredited by the Iowa Department of Education. In fact, the school goes above and beyond the minimum standards. In 1985, PCHS received the Excellence in Education Award from the U.S. Department of Education, a prestigious, national honor given to very few private schools throughout the country.

How many students attend PCHS?

We have nearly 300 students enrolled who come from approximately 21 different communities and 50 different congregations.

How many faculty members teach at PCHS?

We have 24 teachers.  All of our teachers are committed Christians. That means we have one teacher for every 12 students, so our teachers can offer personal attention to students with varying academic abilities and extracurricular interests. Our teachers and staff members care about the academic, moral, and spiritual growth of our students.

What can you tell me about the teachers at PCHS?

All of our teachers are fully certified and committed to lifelong learning. In fact, nearly 66 percent of our teachers hold master's degrees.

What courses are offered at PCHS?

We believe it's important for our students to receive a well-rounded, faith-based education. In addition to the foundational courses in English, social studies, math, science, and physical education, we ask our students to complete three credit hours in Bible courses and one full credit hour in fine arts classes (choir, band, or art). We also offer more than 39 elective courses. 

How well are PCHS students prepared for life after high school?

Compared to test scores of other Iowa high schools, our students score in the mid to upper 90th percentile in all of the core subject areas. This means that PCHS composite scores are in the top three to eight percent of all Iowa schools taking the Iowa Assessments. Iowa schools rank second in the nation on these standardized tests.

We also offer a special education program, a resource room for students with academic needs, and peer tutoring. Our curriculum includes courses for college preparation as well as hands-on classes in office skills, industrial arts, and family and consumer sciences. Many students also choose to participate in our work release and School-to-Work programs with local businesses.

What athletic programs and extracurricular activities are available?

It's no secret that PCHS athletics are known throughout the state. PCHS athletic teams, the Eagles, include soccer, volleyball, cross country track, weight lifting, basketball, tennis, track, golf, softball, football, and baseball. The Eagles have earned state championship titles in basketball, boys' tennis, baseball, boys' soccer, and girls' volleyball.

During the school day, the following activities are also available: peer tutoring, band, cantabile (freshmen), concert choir (upperclassmen), school newspaper staff (journalism course), and school yearbook staff (desktop publishing course). Throughout the year, students can also participate in music competitions, plays, knowledge bowl competitions, physics olympics, and group & individual speech contests.

How can parents stay in touch with the school and their student's progress?

First of all, parents are encouraged to contact us or their student's teachers at any time. (See the faculty and staff link for a complete listing of teachers' contact information.) A monthly newsletter, the PC Link, is mailed to all parents. A quarterly newsletter, the PC Reporter, is distributed to supporters. (See our publications pages on our web site to view a current copy of each of these publications.) All parents and supporters are invited to the annual PCHS Society Meeting, a business meeting for anyone interested in the decisions regarding the operation of the school.

What is the cost of education at PCHS?

Tuition and Fees.

What is the amount that a family may be granted in assistance?

Based on the support we receive from our fund drives-including the Community Drive, Fall Drive, and Dinner Theatre Gala, the Finance Committee awards grants to families. While some families may receive less of this assistance and some families receive more, all distribution is based on individual family need and the total amount of funds available.