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Guidance and Counseling

Counselors seek to build a relationship with students that encourages them to discover their gifts, explore their interests and monitor their overall well-being in light of God’s plan for their future.

Academic Advising:  The PC counselor meets with students in small groups in the spring to discuss course selections for the following year.  A student and his/her parents may request to meet with the counselor individually to discuss the student’s academic progress and create a plan to meet future goals.  Academic advising is ongoing throughout the year.

Career Planning:  The counselor assists with the sophomore career paper by coordinating the ASVAB Test and the annual Career Fair.  Juniors and seniors are encouraged to have at least one of their Winterim experiences be an internship in an area of career interest.  The counselor assists students in arranging those internship experiences.  

College Planning: The counselor meets individually with students seeking assistance in navigating the college admissions process.  Information on colleges visiting our campus, arranging college campus visits and applying for financial aid and scholarships is also provided on through individual meetings, news bulletins and parent workshops. 

Mental Health Counseling:  PCHS students are afforded three free visits per year with a mental health expert at Heartland Christian Counseling service in Pella.  To contact Heartland, please click here. 

We also have a mental health counselor on-site every Monday via Heartland Christian Counseling.  This counselor is available for student appointments and is located in the outer guidance office.