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A teacher perspective of the 10th anniversary of the International Student Program by Joel Rietema

"One of the programs I am most proud of as a teacher at PC is the International Student Program. This program brings students to our school from all over the world for a Christ centered education that is coupled with an authentic American experience. I believe the impact that this has on both international and national students is invaluable in many ways. First, there is personal exposure to diverse cultures, worldviews and religious beliefs. Second, if we educate and nurture international students with the knowledge of Christ, we extend the influence of his kingdom to a global scale. Finally, I think the international student population only adds to the educational experience in our school by reminding us that God has created a diverse humanity of image bearers who will be represented in eternity.

The inherent value of the ISP program is that it is mutually encouraging for all involved - students, staff, teachers, and hosts. We learn about others, they learn about us, and together we learn and grow in our knowledge and glorification of God."

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PCHS Celebrates a DECADE of Hosting International Students from Around the World

The quest for an international program came from our Long Range Planning Committee as one of the big 3 goals for Pella Christian.  One of those goals was that the Board wanted a more global education for our students.  This has been happening from that initiative.  The acceptance of international students and issuing visas has changed life and worldview for the students who come, the local students who welcome, and the families that host our traveling students.  We started the research process in 2011 and our first students arrived in the Fall of 2012.

We had the privilege of educating and learning from students from the following 17 countries:  Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Honduras, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Nicaragua, Paraguay, South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Vietnam.  We have had 82 students over 10 years and some have stayed for a semester, some for a year or two and others stayed all four years of high school.  There has been 77 different host families that have hosted one semester to every year of the program.  

God has begun the program and sustained the program with precious students, outstandingly gifted staff, and long term relationships with incredible host families that are so caring and hospitable!  We have enjoyed the Lord’s provision with a completely solvent budget and the ability to share in awarding some student scholarships that came from an investment fund.   We are blessed to be a blessing as we reach out and welcome every tongue, tribe and nation!