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2022 Pella Christian High School Society Meeting

New Board Member Nominees

Three to be ratified to three-year terms (2022-2025)

District I:

Chad Vink (incumbent)

Chad is a school business office official and married to Jana. They have 4 children currently enrolled at Pella Christian Schools: Elizabeth is a junior and Josiah a freshman at PCHS, Juliana is 11 years old and a 6th grader at PCGS, and Joshua is 7 and a 1st grader. When asked to state his support of Christian education and why he would like to serve, Chad answered:

“The Bible has numerous texts that instruct us how to train our children, and I see it as self-evident that such training in a covenant environment requires us to do so at school as well, where teachers can be active and available in answering the questions that our kids might have. I would like to continue serving on the board to assist and encourage the administration, faculty and staff in maximizing their ability to answer those questions and meet the missions of the school.”


Doug Uitermarkt AND Jodi De Vries

Doug is married to Patti and is a local contractor. Doug and Patti have 3 children: Colton is a 2018 PC grad, Emily graduated in 2021 and Dylan is currently an 8th grader at PCGS. The Uitermarkt family are members of Federated Fellowship Church in Pella.  Doug provided the following statement when asked why he would like to serve on our Board of Directors:

“As a graduate of Pella Christian, I recognize the importance of Christian education in my own life and more importantly in the lives of my children, two of whom have graduated and moved on to college. I feel very strongly that the quality of education and the faith-based teaching provided at Pella Christian uniquely prepares students to face the challenges of life after high school. As a current member of the high school finance committee, I have had some insight into the current challenges that face the school as a whole and would welcome the opportunity to serve as a board member to do what I can to help meet those challenges ahead.”

Jodi De Vries

Jodi and her husband, Randy, own CenterPoint Electric Inc. where she works as the bookkeeper. They have 3 children: Colby who graduated from PCHS in 2020, Tysen, currently a sophomore at PCHS and Jessa, a 7th grader at PCGS. The De Vries family are members of Sully CRC. Here are Jodi’s thoughts on Christian Education and serving on our board:

    My entire life has been based around the Christian Faith.  From the time I was born to now, God has been a part of my life.  And through that instruction throughout my life, it has engrained in me a desire to want the same for my children.  I attended Christian schools throughout my entire education (grade school, high school and college).  It is something that I have considered a great blessing in my life and something that Randy & I have desired to make a part of our children’s lives too.  We desire to walk by our children through every part of their life and in that journey, encourage and equip them with the tools to grow in their faith.  Sending our children to Christian school is one of those ways to accomplish that.

    As a board member, I believe my role is to be a voice for the students, for the teachers and staff and for the parents.  I believe we need to actively engage in conversation and be proactive in understanding the best ways to educate our children.  I believe every child deserves an education, including a Christian education.  We need to continually be aware of the changes happening in the world today and actively looking at ways to make Christian education an option for any parent that desires that for their children.  In a Christian School, I want to see teachers that want to love and care for my child as much as I love and care for them.  I want to see their desire for each child to strive to be better, to do the best that they can do, to learn how to love Jesus in everything that they do, in every subject taught.  I believe my position on the school board means we actively work to be a unified voice for parents, for teachers and staff and for students, to make unified decisions that create the best outcome for PCHS.

Board Election Ballots 2022