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Pella Christian Service Hour Policy


In response to Christ’s freely given gift of salvation, Christians are called to live a life of service. At PCHS we recognize that many students are already pursuing service opportunities through various church and community organizations, but we desire for all students to develop and experience the joy of serving others.  An individual service hour requirement allows students to take ownership and explore service opportunities that meet their personal gifts and interests.  Our deep hope is that all PCHS graduates will make Kingdom Service a lifetime habit.


Students are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of service per year.

Students will complete the required service hour form to document their service hour experience.

Students will turn in their completed service hour form to their homeroom teacher.

Homeroom teachers will track service hours for each student throughout the service hour year.  The service hour year begins on the first day of summer vacation and runs through Tulip Time the following May.

The Registrar will indicate service hour completion on student transcripts at the end of the school year.

Download Service Hour Form Link

Examples: Acceptable Service Hour Options


Peer tutoring (on a consistent basis)

Team manager

Lunch serving (on a consistent basis)

Assisting with summer camps


Coaching youth teams

Assisting with non PCHS theatre productions

Fundraisers that support nonprofit organizations

Various Tulip Time booths

Camp counselors (volunteer)

Yard work (for a nonrelative who isn’t able to do yard work themselves)

Non-profit organizations

Nursing Home



Habitat for Humanity

The Well

Food Pantry


Vacation Bible School

Youth group initiated volunteer opportunities

Rehearsals for a worship/praise team

Running a sound, video, or projection system outside of a worship service.

Nursery that is not during a worship service

Examples: Unacceptable Service Hour Options

Blood drives at PCHS

Travel, leisure, or sleeping time during a mission trip

Time spent in which a student could be paid, but choose not to be paid

Activities in which the student receives a tangible benefit

Time spent that benefits the profit of a for-profit company

Time in which students should already be at church 

Additional Information

If students have questions about whether an opportunity may count towards his or her service hours, students must check with their homeroom teacher for clarification.

Students are encouraged to turn in all service hours completed, even if there total exceeds 10 hours per year.  Recognition may be given to students with outstanding records of service throughout their high school career.

Service hours accumulated in one year cannot be credited to a previous or upcoming school year.