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Monday, September 27    


This Week: 

Today: Flex 

Tuesday: D Groups

Wednesday: 2:30 Dismissal

Thursday: Flex

Friday: Chapel & Bio Field Trip


Flex Meeting Today: Stuco exec team meets in the conference room.


Attention Bowlers: Sign-up in the office if interested in joining the bowling team this year.  It will be there until the end of the day Wednesday.  There will be an informational meeting in early October to talk about the season and answer any questions you might have. 


Student Section Theme Schedule: PC students, here is a link to the list of the student section themes for the remaining fall season games! Reminders of themes will still be posted on pceaglesnest the day before the game, but this will give you a bit more of a heads up! New themes will be added to this list for any post season games as they are scheduled! 


DOT Waiver Form for Softball October 1:  Students playing softball this Friday at the Fall Fest Event who have a temporary driver's license should stop in the office for a DOT Waiver Form that allows you to drive after 12:30 am to get home following the games. The waiver requires a parent signature and needs to be in your vehicle when you drive home that night. This waiver is NOT for students with School Permits, there is no waiver allowed for these students. 


Lose Your Water Bottle? Stop in the office, we have an ample supply of them found around the school. One might be yours! 


Intramural Co-ed Volleyball Monday:

North Court - Smith vs Boer

South Court - Anderson vs Dyk



4:30 pm - JV 2 Tournament at Bondurant-Farrar (dismissed at 2:40)

5:30 pm - JV 1 Quad (Home)

6:00 pm - JV Football (Home) against Sigourney-Keota