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Friday, April 16


April 23 (JSB Day): All juniors and seniors are expected to be at school the 23rd up to lunch and then are excused for the afternoon to prepare for JSB. Freshman and sophomores should plan to be in classes all day.


JSB REGISTRATIONS DUE TODAY: Juniors & Seniors: Please visit TODAY to register for both the Banquet (at PCHS) and the After Banquet Party (at PCGS).  All juniors & seniors must fill out a registration even if they do not plan to attend.  Registration (including guest waivers) must be completed TODAY!!  If you are not registered you will not be permitted to attend JSB.


ACT Saturday: any students taking the ACT tomorrow who would like copies of old ACT tests to review/study, stop by the table outside Mr. Engbers office and help yourself! 


Tulip Time Absences: Any students involved in working/volunteering at Tulip Time activities and will miss classes Thursday or Friday morning that week must have these absences previously excused by a parent no later than Wednesday, May 5. Contact Penne via email, voice mail or a note to be excused. 


Klompen Classic Volunteers Needed: We need students to help with the finish line and race corners at our 5k event on Wednesday, May 5. The shift is from 5:45-8:00 pm. This is a great way to earn service hours! Sign up here: Klompen Classic Volunteers


Weekend Event:

Shine Dance Team Spring Showcase this Saturday, April 17 at 3:00 p.m. in the PCHS Gym.