...to educate and nurture each student to serve in God’s world


Head Varsity Volleyball Coach:   Joanna Settles

Assistant Varsity Volleyball Coach:   Kim Gritters 

Assistant Varsity Volleyball Coach:   Lea Huisman

JV Volleyball Coach:   Lea Huisman

Freshman Volleyball Coach:  


Head Cheerleading Coach:   

Head Drill Team Coach:   


Head Cross-Country Coach:   Mike Buchheit

Assistant Cross-Country Coach:   Alex Thomas

Assistant Cross-Country Coach:   Hannah Schwab


Head Varsity Football Coach:   Rich Kacmarynski

Assistant Football Coach:   John Amelse

Assistant Football Coach:   Mike Boender

Assistant Football Coach:   Adam DuBois

Assistant Football Coach:   Nathan Huisman

Assistant Football Coach:   Brad Jungling

Assistant Football Coach:   Daniel Lehigh

Assistant Football Coach:   Verlan Nikkel

Assistant Football Coach:   Mike Pringle

Football Support Staff:   Mindi Kacmarynski


Head Girls Basketball Coach:   Brad Engbers

Assistant Girls Varsity Coach:   Jan Jungling

Assistant Girls Varsity Coach:   Kevin Van Maanen

JV Girls Basketball Coach:   Kevin Van Maanen

Assistant JV Girls Coach: Jan Jungling


Head Boys Basketball Coach:   Larry Hessing

Assistant Boys Varsity Coach:   Dan Branderhorst

Assistant Boys Varsity Coach:   Marv Van Wyk

JV Boys Basketball Coach:   Marv Van Wyk

9th Grade Boys Basketball Coach:   Dan Branderhorst


Head Bowling Coach:   Rod Blunck


Head Boys and Girls Track & Field Coach:   Keith Anderson

Assistant Track Coach:   Grady Carson

Assistant Track Coach:   Mary Wrage

Assistant Track Coach:   Valerie Keegan 

Assistant Track Coach:   Matt Groenendyk 


Head Girls Soccer Coach:   Mike Buchheit

Assistant Girls Soccer Coach:   Sarah Casterline 

JV Girls Soccer Coach:   Sarah Casterline 


Head Boys Soccer Coach:   Jake Fancher 

Assistant Boys Soccer Coach:   John Brouwer

Assistant Boys Soccer Coach:   Ean Wilson 

JV Boys Soccer Coach:   Ean Wilson 


Head Boys Golf Coach:   Joel Rietema 


Head Girls Tennis Coach:   Danielle Stubbs

JV Girls Tennis Coach:   Jose Carballo


Head Baseball Coach:   Jeff Bruxvoort

Assistant Baseball Coach:   Marcus Van Zee

Assistant Baseball Coach:   Nick De Haan

Assistant Baseball Coach:   Chris Fynaardt 

JV Baseball Coach:   Nick De Haan 


Head Softball Coach:   Karen Harrill

Assistant Softball Coach:   Nancy Moorman

Assistant Softball Coach:   Renee Van Kooten