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Fine Arts Calendar

PCHS Fine Arts Staff:

Mr. Tim Van Voorst, Choral Music
Mrs. Shannon Dykstra, Instrumental Band
Mr. Marlo Van Peursem, Theatre and Speech
Mrs. Lisa Van Gilst, Speech

Mr. Joe Hoksbergen, Art
Mrs. Amy Bandstra, Cheer

Mrs. Sheena Lester, Drill Team


2018-2019 Fine Arts Calendar:

Little Eagles Cheer Clinic                               September 15, 2018        PCHS Gymnasium
Fall Music Concert                                         October 9, 2018               Vermeer Auditorium
All-State Music Auditions                               October 20, 2018             Indianola HS
Fall Musical, Oklahoma!                                 Oct 25, 26, & 27, 2018     Vermeer Auditorium

State Dance/Drill, Solo Competition               November 2-3, 2018        Newton HS
State Competive Cheer                                  November 3, 2018           State Fairgrounds
Little Hawkeye Conference Choir Festival     November 13, 2018          PCHS Gymnasium
Opus Choir Festival                                        November 15, 2018         Iowa State University
All-State Music Festival                                  November 17, 2018         Iowa State University
SCIBA Auditions                                             November 29, 2018         Roosevelt HS, Des Moines
State Dance/Drill, Team Competition              November 29, 2018         Wells Fargo, Des Moines
Christmas Music Concert                                December 11, 2018         Vermeer Auditorium
SCIBA Honor Band Festival                            January 5, 2019               Ankeny HS
District Large Group Speech                           January 19, 2019             Pella HS
All-City Speech Festival                                  January 24, 2019             Here (PCHS)
Central College Honor Band                           January 24, 2019             Central College

State Large Group Speech                             February 2, 2019              Cedar Rapids Kennedy HS
Little Hawkeye Conference Band Festival      February 4, 2019              Newton HS
Singfest Honor Choir                                      February 14, 2019            Central College
All-State Large Group Speech                        February 16, 2019            Iowa State
Speech IE’s Peer Critique                               Feb 21, 2019;  5:00 pm    PCHS Library
Music Concert                                      Feb 21, 2019;  7:00 pm    Vermeer Auditorium
District Individuals Speech                              February 23, 2019            Grinnell HS
Shine Dance/Drill Team Spring Show             March 1, 2019                   PCHS Gymnasium
State Individuals Speech                                 March 9, 2019                  North Scott HS, Eldridge

Spring Play, Murder's in the Heir                     March 22-23, 2019           Vermeer Auditorium
All-State Individuals Speech                            March 25, 2019                University of Northern Iowa
Solo & Ensemble Music Festival            March 30, 2019                Here (PCHS)
Little Hawkeye Conference Art Festival           April 3, 2019                     Norwalk HS

Spring Band Trip                                              April 11-13, 2019              Minnesota
Celebration! Theatre Parent                            April 22, 2019                   Vermeer Auditorium
Children’s Show                                               early May, 2019                (on tour)
Spring Choir Concert                                       May 8, 2019                      Vermeer Auditorium
Spring Pops Concert (Band)                            May 14, 2019                    PCHS Gymnasium
Iowa High School Musical Theatre Awards     June 3, 2019                     Des Moines Civic Center