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Eagle Boosters



Have you considered joining PC Boosters but don’t exactly know what being a PC Booster involves?

PC Boosters is a parent lead group at PC that runs concessions at all home athletic events and Tulip Time.  The profits from concessions are given back to the school every year to support additional student needs in academics, athletics, and fine arts.


Our mission is to provide financial support for the betterment of PCHS’s academic and extracurricular programs and to support and broaden PCHS’s exposure to the greater Christian school community from whence it garners its students.  Financially this support or “boost” is for items above PCHS’s traditional budgeting. We do not support items traditionally defined as real estate or consumables such as foodstuffs or items designated to an individual student. As part of our mission to support PCHS’s continued success and growth in enrollment, we are willing to support PCGS and its sister schools in unique ventures if it can be shown to further PCHS’s positive image in the community.


That being said, we won’t be able to continue this mission without continued parent support.  Yes, being on PC Boosters does require more work than the required 8 service hours asked of parents each year, but as you can see it is a great benefit to the school.

Without more parent volunteers, we may need to hire a concessions manager which would affect how much profit we are able to give back to the school to benefit your student.

A PC Booster term is 3 years.  You will be asked to be on 2 of the following committees to stock concessions:

Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Track/Soccer, Tulip Time, Baseball/Softball


You will also need to work an average of 2 concession stands per sports season, depending on the home game schedule and district games added as the end of the season.

We have one meeting a month on Wednesday evening for about an hour.

You will get a cool PC Booster t-shirt, a free meal when you work concessions, you and your family get a season pass to all home regular season athletic events for the 3 years you serve, and you will get to meet a lot of new people when working the concession stand.


Please contact a current PC Booster or the school office for more information.