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  Name Title Group Contact
Tammie Andersen Andersen, Tammie Special Education Faculty 7124
Keith Anderson Anderson, Keith Business/Computer Teacher Faculty 6103
Greg Beekhuizen Beekhuizen, Greg Science Teacher Faculty, Staff 6108
Autumn Bennett Bennett, Autumn Band Faculty 2102
J.D. Boer Boer, J.D. Student Assistance/Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Faculty 6206
Amy Branderhorst Branderhorst, Amy Study Hall Manager Staff
Dan Branderhorst Branderhorst, Dan Athletic Director Administration, Staff 1104
Kristin Dyk Dyk, Kristin Math Faculty 6210
Brad Engbers Engbers, Brad Guidance Counselor/Registration Administration, Faculty 6201
Audra Faber Faber, Audra Science Teacher Faculty 6105
Aaron Fitzgerald Fitzgerald, Aaron Choral Music Faculty 2103
Penne Fox Fox, Penne Administrative Assistant Administration, Staff 1101
Rebecca Gomez Gomez, Rebecca Spanish Immersion Director Administration
Kevin Herdegen Herdegen, Kevin Principal Administration 1113
Tessa Hilgerson Hilgerson, Tessa Art Faculty 7103
Kim Hoekstra Hoekstra, Kim Study Hall Manager Staff
Craig Juffer Juffer, Craig Head of Teaching and Learning Administration
Jan Jungling Jungling, Jan Athletic Department Assistant Staff
Pete Lyon Lyon, Pete Librarian Faculty, Staff 5100
Jeanetta Nieuwsma Nieuwsma, Jeanetta Counselor Staff
Cindy Nikkel Nikkel, Cindy ISP Coordinator Staff 1112
Rachel Renaud Renaud, Rachel Language Arts Teacher Faculty 6217
Ellie Rethmeier Rethmeier, Ellie Agriculture Faculty, Staff
Joel Rietema Rietema, Joel Bible Teacher Faculty, Staff 6211
Robert Scandridge Scandridge, Robert Industrial Arts Faculty 7114
Bev Schirz Schirz, Bev Student Assistance Faculty 6206
Abbie Smith Smith, Abbie Math Faculty 6213
Miriam Toraya Toraya, Miriam Spanish Immersion Faculty 6219
Teresa Ulferts Ulferts, Teresa Admissions Director Administration
Gail Van Beek Van Beek, Gail Finance Secretary Staff 1102
Joni Van Der Pol Van Der Pol, Joni ESL/Spanish I Faculty 6219
Marlo Van Peursem Van Peursem, Marlo Language Arts/Theatre-Speech Teacher Faculty 6214
Doug Van Wyk Van Wyk, Doug Custodian Staff 6225
Bonnie Van Wyngarden Van Wyngarden, Bonnie Head Cook Staff 4105
Pam Vande Voort Vande Voort, Pam Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty 7119
Frank Vanden Bosch Vanden Bosch, Frank Technology Coordinator Staff 5103
Dan Vermeer Vermeer, Dan History Teacher Faculty 6216
Trixanna Wang Wang, Trixanna International Student Program Staff 1112
Marcus Zevenbergen Zevenbergen, Marcus Spanish Faculty 6208
Dan Zylstra Zylstra, Dan Head of Schools Administration