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Kindergarten at Pella Christian

Kindergarten is an exciting milestone for your child. But it’s a time that can also lead to mixed emotions. As a parent, knowing when your child is ready can be a difficult decision. Perhaps you’re concerned about how they’ll perform academically or how they’ll develop social skills. Will they be eager to start on the first day or a bit timid and hesitant?

The kindergarten program at Pella Christian Schools offers a caring, structured environment where children are challenged to develop their God-given gifts for a lifetime of service in God’s kingdom.

Kindergarten Programs
Learning Environment
Key Distinctives
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Kindergarten Programs

What does a day in the life of a kindergartner at Pella Christian look like? Kindergartners attend the same full-day schedule as our students in grades 1-8, enjoying the perfect balance of core subjects, engaging specials, and hands-on learning.


  • Devotions
  • Morning Meeting & Calendar
  • Literacy
  • Recess
  • Math
  • Lunch
  • Recess


  • Special (Art, Music, PE or Library)
  • Rest & Read Aloud
  • Bible
  • Recess
  • Science / Social Studies
  • Center Time
  • Closing Prayer / Song

Spanish Immersion Language Track

Pella Christian Schools offers two language tracks — a traditional English track and a Spanish Immersion track. Spanish Immersion provides a unique opportunity to develop a foundation for Spanish fluency, to build global awareness, and to connect with the culture around them.

Learn more about the Spanish Immersion track here.

Check out what a typical kindergarten day looks like for our English and Spanish Immersion kindergarteners.

Learning Environment

A structured classroom centered on loving care.

We partner closely with parents to create a supportive, responsive environment that meets your kindergartner where they are. We maintain regular, open communication between parents and staff. Each child is seen, known, and loved within a safe, Christ-centered environment.

Personal care and support.

Teachers offer valuable attention to students because of our optimal class sizes. 

A biblically rooted approach.

Our teachers and leaders know and pray for each one of our kindergartners. Families appreciate the warm and caring, Christ-centered environment where children are engaged, encouraged, and develop a true joy for learning.

A stimulating environment.

Children play in the open green space behind the elementary school campus, and laughter can be heard from the gaga ball pit and the goalsetters and the two playground areas with a sledding hill that’s covered in snow during the Iowa winter months. Indoors, they participate in the learning centers, take advantage of our media center, and experience the classroom reading loft and nooks.

Modeling kindness.

Teachers actively demonstrate our school’s commitment to loving God and loving others. We invite kindergartners to see themselves as a part of God’s story throughout all daily activities — from math, science, and reading, to recess and lunch.

What Parents Have to Say

Each time one of our children starts kindergarten, we are bombarded with all the feels. Pella Christian continues to be the best partner for our family as we raise our little ones as children of the Heavenly Father.

Pella Christian’s kindergarten teachers provide a loving and structured environment where our children have soared academically, emotionally, and in their knowledge of Christ. These are crucial stepping stones into their future as we partner together with teachers in preparing them for service in His kingdom, and as we continue to walk alongside them to grow in their faith and love for Jesus every single day.

Matt & Rachel Van Maanen, PC Parents

Key Distinctives

Enriched Learning

We encourage an active learning approach for our kindergartners in a stimulating and fun learning environment. Our students are guided through core subjects where they develop language arts skills and begin to learn basic math concepts centered around number sense. Social studies, science, and Bible are integrated into different learning experiences throughout the day.

Engaging Specials

Kindergarten students at Pella Christian enjoy a well-rounded experience with engaging specials. Children play instruments, sing songs, and dance during music time. They enjoy coloring and painting during art. And young learners get ample opportunities to stretch their limbs and play with friends during multiple recess outings each day, which could range anywhere from playing soccer to parachute games.

A Safe Environment

At Pella Christian, we have significantly invested in keeping our students physically and emotionally safe. That commitment starts with campus safety, which includes locking doors, staff background checks, and a radio communication network. Onsite counselors provide social-emotional support. We also foster a healthy, joy-filled culture where students can feel seen, known, and loved.

Meet a Teacher

Carrie Veenstra

Degree: Elementary Education with Special Education Endorsement
Teaching Experience: 18 years
Deep Hope: Love God, Love Others

Watching families give the gift of Jesus being a part of their children’s education has impacted me as a teacher and a mother. I’m blessed to have been on both sides of this. As I continue to teach, I have the opportunity to watch past students grow up to be parents that value Christian education for their kids as they live out Psalm 78, “telling the next generation about the Lord!

Experience our campus firsthand.

Our campus tours are tailored to fit the needs of each family. You’ll have the opportunity to meet teachers, visit classrooms, and see why families choose Pella Christian Schools for their children.