Choosing Christian education for your family is a faith-filled commitment that establishes a trusting partnership and ultimately has a profound impact on your child. The 2024-25 Tuition and Fee Schedule positions PC to deliver our mission, invest in exceptional student support and focus on strategic priorities for the future.

Many families who desire to send their children to Pella Christian also have questions about financial assistance. We want every qualified, mission-aligned family to be given the opportunity to attend Pella Christian Schools and we have a variety scholarship, grant programs and savings opportunities available.

If you have questions or would like to discuss financials for your family, contact Teresa Ulferts, Director of Admissions, at or 621-628-2414.

Apply for Iowa ESA (Odyssey Login) (open April 16 – June 30)

Financial Assistance & Savings Opportunities

Pella Christian desires every qualified, mission-aligned family to be given the opportunity to attend Pella Christian Schools. Below are the opportunities available to ease the costs.

The Students First Act, introduced by Governor Reynolds and signed into law on January 24, 2023, makes state funding available to support the success of every K-12 student in Iowa. ESAs provide funds for eligible families from the State of Iowa. The program is being phased in and all students will be eligible for the 2025-26 school year.

2024-25 School Year, $7,825 per student
-All kindergarten students, regardless of income
-All public school or homeschool students who transfer to a private school, regardless of income
-All private school students with a household income at or below 400% of federal poverty level
-All students who have previously received an ESA, regardless of income

2025-26 School Year, funding per student equal to the state student rate
-All Pella Christian students (regardless of income, grade or transfer status)

The ESA application will open April 16, 2024. Applications will be due on June 30, 2024, for the 2024-2025 school year. Applications are valid for one year; families must apply annually to remain eligible for the program.

Sign up for notifications of ESA details on the Iowa Department of Education website.

The number being used to determine qualification for ESAs will be line 4 (Iowa Taxable Income) on the 2023 Iowa 1040 form ( Note that the form has changed significantly from previous years, so encourage families to check with their tax professional for planning purposes. The change to the tax form could make a big impact for how many students qualify for ESAs (in a positive way). If families thought they wouldn’t qualify until year 3, we encourage them to check with their tax professional to make sure and to discuss any year-end tax planning that they may be able to do.

Household Size400% of Federal Poverty Level (2024)
Each Add’l Person+ $21,520

Preschool financial assistance may be available to qualifying families through your county’s Early Childhood Iowa. Families must meet income guidelines to qualify. Families below the income levels listed below are encouraged to apply, but assistance is not guaranteed at these income levels. Assistance is determined by your county’s Early Childhood Iowa Program in August. Pella Christian does not determine preschool scholarship amounts.

Families with income levels below the following amounts are encouraged to apply:

Add + $16,140 for each additional person

2024/2025 JMP Early Childhood Iowa Preschool Scholarship Application – for residents of Jasper, Marion and Poweshiek counties. Please complete the application and return to the PCGS office.

Iowa 529 accounts can be used to fund K-12 tuition paid to an accredited State of Iowa school. A 529 Plan is an after-tax investment account that grows tax free if distributions are used for qualified educational expenses. Pella Christian Grade School and Pella Christian High School are accredited State of Iowa schools and our K-12 tuition is a qualified 529 account expense.  The State of Iowa guidelines state that the maximum 529 distribution per K-12 student is $10,000 per calendar year and payment can only be applied towards tuition. If you participate in the Iowa 529 educational savings plan, please have qualified distributions made and sent directly to PCGS or PCHS. 

Visit the Iowa 529 website here:

Pella Christian K-12 students are eligible to apply for needs-based scholarships from the Heart of Iowa School Tuition Organization (Grade School) and the Legacy of Grace School Tuition Organization (High School). Eligibility is determined by the STO.

Families are eligible for assistance through this state-funded tax credit program if their income as shown on line 9 of their IRS Form 1040 for the 2023 tax year is not more than four times the poverty rate (based on the size of their family). Below is a chart that shows qualifying level for families.

Household Size400% of Federal Poverty Level (2024)
Each Add’l Person+ $21,520

*STO qualifying levels are based upon 400% of 2023 Federal Poverty Levels as required by Iowa law.

**Family size includes parent(s)/guardian(s) plus total number of dependents claimed on 2023 tax return.

How do we apply? 
Families apply by filling out the STO application form(s) below. This application is the same application as the Pella Christian Tuition Assistance Program and there is no cost to apply. Click on FACTS APPLICATION FOR STO AND TAP and then select the “Financial” tab on the left hand side. There is no fee to apply. Priority deadline is April 30. For questions about or assistance with this form, please contact the school office.

The Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP) is a program in which you purchase and use gift cards instead of cash or credit cards at places you normally shop, locally and nationally. The businesses involved gives a percentage of that purchase back to the school as a reduction in your tuition the following year.

This program is run by Pella Christian Grade School. Contact the PCGS office at or 641-628-2414 for enrollment instructions.

Who can participate?

  • A family with children currently enrolled at PCGS or PCHS
  • A family who plans to have children at PCGS or PCHS someday
  • A grandparent who wants to help their children reduce their tuition payment
  • A supporter PCGS or PCHS who wants to help the General Tuition Fund to lower tuition for everyone
  • Anyone may participate in the TRIP program.

How often do I have to use it?
As frequently or infrequently as you choose.  Of course, the more you use it, the more beneficial it is to you or the school.

Families can claim a credit of up to $500 for tuition and textbook payments on their State of Iowa income tax return. Use your tuition statement as proof of payment. Please ask your accountant for more information on your specific tax situation and eligibility.

What is this? 
Families who are in need of additional assistance to pay their tuition obligation are eligible to apply for assistance through this fund. Application for these funds takes place in April with the awards being made during the summer. However, families are welcome to apply for financial support at anytime throughout the year as we are aware of circumstances that can arise at anytime that might create a financial need.

How do we apply? 
Application for tuition assistance is made through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. Go to FACTS APPLICATION FOR STO AND TAP  to fill out the application and attach all the supporting documentation needed. There is no fee to apply. Priority deadline is April 30. For questions about or assistance with this form, please contact the school office.

What is the amount of the scholarship? 
The PC finance committee reviews the application and financial information and makes the determination of the award. Families are welcome to visit with a finance committee member to discuss their unique financial situation.