Faith Formation

We are a community united in one purpose: to bring honor and glory to God in all that we do.

While faith begins at home and is nurtured at church, we recognize the important role that our school community plays by encouraging students to see God’s story in every program, subject, activity and classroom at Pella Christian.  

Faith formation at Pella Christian Schools begins with the understanding that God loves us and desires a relationship with us. Faith is woven through chapels and discipleship groups and also in science class discussions about the complexity of God’s creation. We understand art and music as reflections of our creator God.  We honor God with our bodies by pursuing excellence and finding joy on the athletic fields and courts.  We focus on treating each other with care and respect as fellow image-bearers of Jesus Christ.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Teaching for Transformation

Faith formation happens every day in every classroom at Pella Christian and is approached intentionally through an instructional approach called Teaching for Transformation.

TfT, as it is known, gives teachers tools to integrate biblical principles into classroom instructional practices that nurture’s students faith and relationship with Jesus and empowers them to live out their faith and build God’s Kingdom.


High schoolers participate in chapel each Wednesday and Friday.

Grade school students meet weekly in a variety of chapels: Sometimes school-wide (K-8), other times meeting separately as Middle School / Elementary School, by grade level, or by language track to worship in a variety of ways.

Parents are always welcome to attend chapel at Pella Christian Schools.

Discipleship Groups

All students at Pella Christian Grade School are in a Discipleship Group. At Pella Christian High School, our students meet as homerooms with the same purpose.

These groups, consisting of members from every grade level, meet throughout the year to participate in a variety of activities and faith formational discussions.

Love Project &
Service Days

We believe God calls us to be servant workers and share the hope of Jesus with those around us.

Each fall, Grade School students engage as the hands and feet of Christ, by partnering with nonprofit organizations in the Pella area for a school-wide Love Project. At the High School, two Service Days are held each year to serve a variety of local organizations and churches. The annual Winterim experience also provides opportunities for students to serve locally and through mission trips.

Memory Work

A central part of seeing God’s Story is to learn the language of faith.  Children often imitate things, and memorize things, before they fully understand them. This is the foundation of learning. By helping children learn the language of faith at a young age, we are able to build on that foundation and teach them a deeper, more comprehensive understanding as they get older.

Spiritual Emphasis Days

In the rush of the school year, Spiritual Emphasis at Pella Christian High School is designed to slow everything down and intentionally re-emphasize each student and staff member’s relationship with Christ. This spiritual life event is invigorated by a keynote speaker, worship bands and class bonding moments.

PC offers a distinctively Christian environment for our children that a public school can’t offer. It offers a place that we know will be an extension of the biblical world view that we are teaching at home.

Mark and Jessica Van Wyngarden, PCHS Alumni and parents