Fine & Performing Arts

Our God is a God of Beauty and at Pella Christian Schools, we seek to redeem the arts for Christ and reflect God’s truth, beauty, and goodness in the art that we create.  We believe we can use these God-given gifts and talents as an act of worship to glorify Him in all we do. (Colossians 3:23)

Because we are made in the image of our creator father, we are made to create.

Fine and Performing Arts give our students the opportunity to explore God’s world in unique ways.  Pella Christian has a variety of opportunities for students to explore their talents and gifts through art, music, and theater.



In the art rooms at Pella Christian, we strive to cultivate creativity, nurture imaginations and be faithful stewards of individual gifts. We recognize that art has the unique endeavor to remind us of the perfect beauty of creation which was lost in the fall. Art should also point us to the true coming beauty. Our aim is to deepen student’s aesthetic literacy and develop technical skills whether that is in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, pottery, design or more. We understand that artists can help others see beauty in the ordinary and can bring something bright and beautiful into this dark world.

Industrial Arts


The industrial arts program includes subject areas that enable students to use a hands-on approach in their pursuit of understanding and appreciating God’s presence and order in an industrial and technological world.



The instrumental music program at Pella Christian brings glory to Creator God through musical creation and performance.

5th grades are invited to join band to learn to play instruments and read music; no previous musical experience is needed. In middle school, band students expand on their skills meeting throughout the week for large group practice and small group/individual lessons. In high school, band meets three times per week to learn music theory and advanced concepts. Performances vary by level, and include concerts, fine arts performances, and marching in parades include the annual Tulip Time parades in Pella.



Music is a wonderful gift from God as well as a vital part of everyone’s life. Each student will join with all of creation in wholeheartedly praising God through artful songs. Students singing in Cantabile, Concert Choir, or Chamber Choir will use a varied repertoire of music selected from antiquity through the present to learn vocal techniques, music history, and music theory.



Music is a glorious part of God’s creation and it is our mission to use music not only to educate for performance but also as a wonderful expression of praise. 

Students in grades K-3 begin by learning the basic foundations of music and as they enter grades 4 and 5, they further develop their music experience by exploring ukulele and the recorder along with singing. Students continue their studies into middle school where they build on their musical skills in the middle school choir.



The Speech team competes each winter with the Iowa High School Speech Association.  Competitions include both Large Group Events and Individual Events including One-Act Play, Readers Theatre, Choral Reading, Musical Theatre, Acting, Short Film, Prose Interp, Poetry Interp, Lit Interp, Storytelling, and Improv. 

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Theatre for the Kingdom of God is not an opportunity for escapism from the real world, but a redemptive process through which an actor may find his own strengths and weaknesses, and therefore his place in the narrative of grace. By reading, memorizing, and performing diverse works, students will encounter the various worldviews, motivations, and psyches of their characters and balance them against a Biblical worldview. This careful examination will not only foster a greater understanding of the world they live in but also a Christian’s role in that place…and in the process create a richer, more developed dramatic representation of that character.

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My art reflects God’s Story…
When we made our pots it’s like how God made us.

Cooper, 1st Grade

My art reflects God’s Story by being a beauty creator with art and be an order discoverer with our face portions and being an image reflector by drawing a self portrait.

Allie, 2nd Grade