Grades 6-8

A Place to Discover, Grow, and Belong

Middle School at Pella Christian

Middle school is a pivotal time in your child’s development. As a parent, there are many things to consider as you explore school options.

You want your preteen to be in a healthy environment that will lead to positive physical, emotional, social, and academic growth. Your child’s identity is beginning to take shape as they learn to embrace their God-given gifts and interests. You want to provide them with the best learning experience during these critical years.

The middle school program at Pella Christian Schools is designed to be a time of discovery that offers more than a bridge between elementary school and high school.

School Culture
Key Distinctives
Inviting Community

Building a Culture of Growth and Belonging

Middle school can be a challenging time as preteens learn to work through conflict and develop healthy relationships. At Pella Christian, we guide our students through these valuable learning opportunities.

Sense of Community

The PC middle school houses and our K-8 discipleship groups are two primary ways we intentionally build community and foster a culture of belonging. Our students also love the special middle school chapel services.

Strong Relationships

Our teachers work hard to connect with students inside and outside the classroom. We want each student to hear their name and use their voice multiple times each day. It’s just one of the practical ways we ensure that your child knows they are seen, can risk being known, and embrace being loved.

Character Growth

Teaching for Transformation framework offers learning experiences that accelerate each student’s spiritual development. Biblical truths are integrated into classroom concepts, discipleship groups, chapels, house groups, and daily devotionals. As a result, preteens have the freedom to explore their gifts and their distinct role in God’s greater story.

Restorative Discipline

All cultures and schools need boundaries within which we can flourish. When students stray outside those boundaries, we apply practical consequences and action steps for working toward restoration.

Our kids are encouraged to develop and thrive as unique individuals in God’s Kingdom. They get to see God’s fingerprints in all areas of creation and learning.

Luke and Jean Van Wyk, PC Middle School Parents

Key Distinctives

Academic Rigor

Our academic program guides students through the core subject areas and builds the skills they need to be ready for college, career, and kingdom work. At Pella Christian, we seek to educate the whole child. In addition to challenging core classes, our middle school students participate in music, physical education, art, electives, and various co-curricular activities.

Leadership Opportunities

Eighth graders lead our K-8 discipleship groups under the direction of an advisor. As our eighth graders engage with our elementary students, it’s a rewarding, practical way we can develop leadership skills and foster a Christ-centered community at Pella Christian Schools.

Enriched Learning

Beyond the required core classes, students and parents can discuss and choose exploratory classes in seventh and eighth grade. Students at Pella Christian explore unique interests and meet friends through electives that include band, robotics, theatre troupe, Lego league, art, choir, and health science. Students also can join the MATHCOUNTS and Knowledge Bowl  teams, which competes against other area schools.

Competitive Athletics

The middle school athletics program is designed to help students develop Christian friendships, learn social interaction, develop leadership abilities, and glorify Christ. The Eagles compete in football, volleyball, basketball, track and field, cross-country, baseball, softball, shooting club, and wrestling.

Inviting Community

An environment of safety and belonging

Rich on-campus relationships

The middle school houses at Pella Christian create a culture of camaraderie and give students a purposeful experience of a Christian community.

Students are assigned to one of six houses and stay in the same house throughout middle school. They form lasting relationships, learn to care for each other, and work together toward common goals.

Houses participate in friendly, spirited competitions and community-building activities during the year.

A charming school setting

Just three minutes from our high school campus, the middle school is located on the lower level of our K-8 campus. Pella, Iowa is a charming city well-known for tulips, Dutch letters, beef sticks, and rich Dutch history. 

Pella Christian offers a convenient busing service to families at an additional cost. The service features door-to-door pickup within the Pella city limits, and bus stops in neighboring towns.

Experience our campus and classrooms firsthand.

Our campus tours are tailored to fit the needs of each family. You’ll have the opportunity to meet teachers, visit classrooms, and see why families choose Pella Christian Schools for their children. We also offer half-day student shadow opportunities for grades 6-12 where your child can visit classrooms and make connections with current Pella Christian students.