Middle School Houses

A PC Middle School House is a home, a place to belong and grow in Christ.

Middle School Houses create a culture of camaraderie and give students a purposeful experience of true Christian community, by which students learn to care for one another and work together towards common goals.  Each student is assigned to one of six houses, named after concepts of unity.  Houses participate in various competitive and community-building activities throughout the school year. 

Students remain in the same house during their middle school years here, forming long lasting relationships. The house system provides a structure for students to channel their natural energy and enthusiasm into friendly and spirited competition.  Students come up with creative ways to earn points for their houses and compete for the House Cup at the end of the year.

Apnapan – Belonging, community
Caritas – Christian love of humankind
Coligo – Bind Together
Fide – Faithful friend
Koinonia – Fellowship
Sodality – Brotherhood

Six Houses. One Family. We are PC Middle.

Team Building Competitions
Gingerbread House Competitions
Building Community