The Pella Christian Grade School and Pella Christian High School Boards of Trustees are pleased to announce the merger of the schools into a unified Pella Christian Schools district as voted on by concurrent society votes that concluded Tuesday evening, February 27, 2024.

A total of 2095 votes were cast between the two Societies. 95% of the Pella Christian Grade School ballots cast were in favor of the motion. 91% of the Pella Christian High School ballots cast were in favor of the motion. A 2/3rds majority was needed to complete the merger.

“We are grateful to God for guiding us through this process and helping us discern the most sustainable path forward to continue providing Christian Education in South Central Iowa,” shared Dan Zylstra, Pella Christian’s Head of Schools. “Thank you also to our society members for showing up and voting. We are thankful for the strong support displayed in this vote.”